• Introducing BridgeTax QI

    Breakthrough software to support and automate computations for qualified income required under IRC Section 7704

  • Efficient

    Fully Automate your Qualified Income Calculation for Actuals or Projections and spend less time gathering your data.

  • Reporting

    Instant Reporting Capabilities to make informed strategic decisions with your qualified income data.

BridgeTax QI is the ultimate tool to automate, analyze, and report your Qualified Income calculation.

BridgeTax QI

Our Qualified Income software is packed with features

Easy Import

Painless Imports

We provide easy tools to import your general ledger and assign Revenue and Cost of Goods Sold accounts to qualified or non-qualified income. It also handles any other streams of revenue you want to include.


Automatic Calculation

BridgeTax QI eliminates the need for manual spreadsheets and complicated formulas that are difficult to maintain. The QI calculation can also be exported into Excel with a single click, facilitating audit and outside counsel review.


Instant Reporting

BridgeTax QI provides real-time reporting capabilities to analyze your QI by account or entity, comparing different periods and projections. It also provides powerful charts for management and informative presentations with a single click.

Additional Features

Some of our other features include:

Worry Free

Your Data is Safe and Secure. All of your data is backed up and audited, forever. No need to manage hundreds of excel files and versions.

Built in Workflow

Manage unlimited users and assign the proper rights to each user. Our workflow tracks every event by date and user.

Unlimited Attachments

Attach all your workpapers to the system for proper documentation and audit. Access anytime, anywhere.

Custom Services

We understand your requirements are unique. We'll work with you to provide custom solutions.

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With our cutting edge technology and professional experts we streamline tax processes, provide transparency while mitigating risk, and increase profibility for your company.

BridgeTax QI gives us deep insights into our qualified income projections

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